Paddling Tips

Greetings from Nashwaak!

This section of our site contains my writing output for Canoe and Kayak Magazine, Canoe Journal, and Paddler Magazine, plus one other paddling article and a health issue piece that some of you might find useful. Ten are lifted from my book Flatwater Zen, which is available in hard copy through our Ordering page.

Each article has been prepared as a separate PDF file. PDF files print very well and can be attached to e-mails if you want to pass them around.The best way to download these files is to right click on the file you want, then choose “Save target as…” Then, when you see “download complete”, click on “open”. If it doesn’t open, and your computer asks you what program to use to open it, you need Acrobat Reader. Click here to download Acrobat Reader.

For what they deliver, PDF files are wonderfully compact, but the longer articles are substantial chunks to download using a dial-up connection. On dial-up, the longest piece might take five minutes to download.

Enjoy, and good paddling!