Nashwaak’s “Classic” Kayak Paddle

Like Nashwaak’s highly praised Cruiser canoe paddles, our “Classic” kayak paddles feature Nashwaak’s long, narrow, flexible cruising blade, and the same remarkable cruising performance. Handcrafted of solid cherry, with carbon fiber/epoxy take-apart ferrule.

  • 230 or 240cm kayaks
  • 250 cm for canoes
  • 300 cm for use in large canoes/small boats
  • custom lengths available
  • drip rings included
  • Weight for the 230 cm model: approx. 39 oz.


A great canoe paddle has life, “action”. It “gives” when it enters the water, deflects through the power stroke, and then gives back the stored energy in recoil. Our “Classic” kayak paddles do the same: a soft entry (less shoulder strain!), a short, efficient power stroke (like a bent shaft canoe paddle), and then a lively recoil. The result? More comfort, more efficiency, more fun! (We’ve also had paddlers tell us the recoil helps their roll.)

Here’s how the performance of Nashwaak’s “Classic” paddle compares to conventional, scooped kayak paddles:

Scooped blade:

<< Efficient but no shock absorption

<< Inefficient

<< Non-functional

Nashwaak’s Blade:

<< Soft entry/shock absorbing

<< Longer power stroke

<< Recoil