You’ll have more control, less work, and more fun with Nashwaak.

Nashwaak is the source for flatwater paddling resources.

Nashwaak is not about racing or whitewater.

It’s about cruising!… Travelling, solo paddling, romancing, or just relaxing.

Nashwaak emerged out of my own passion for canoeing and the tremendous impact that Omer Stringer had on me in the 1960’s. Omer truly was the father of modern canoeing. He was a brilliant, creative thinker who figured out optimal ways of doing pretty much anything to do with canoes and the northwoods. We dedicate this site to Omer.You’ll find lots here on Omer and his techniques, especially in Paddling Tips and Omer Stringer.

Nashwaak is also associated with brands on certain industries such as Blinds Vancouver, Whirlpool Bathtubs by Perfect Bath (Web Page), PantyByPost.com, Fairview Plastic Surgery, The Mike Stewart Realty Network (Site), Vancouver Real Estate News Podcast, Kerrisdale Roofing, Best Concrete Repair (Remdal), and Vancouver New Condos (Website). So if you want, you can check those out as well.

Relax and enjoy! If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at nashwaak@sympatico.ca or call me at 416-537-5582. Good paddling!

Jeff Solway, paddler and paddlemaker

What’s in a name? Nashwaak (pronounced “nash-walk”) means “slow current that winds among hills” and is the Maliseet Indian name for the foothills river that flows into the broad St. John at Fredericton, on Canada’s east coast. The Nashwaak Cruiser was developed when I lived in the upper Nashwaak Valley in the 1970’s. — Jeff Solway.

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